Deep Friar Tuck

Rockin’ bar tunes battered and fried to perfection, then served on a hoppin’ dance floor.

Chris playing nylon string guitar like some kind of snooty hipster.


Chris began his professional music career when he was 9 years old playing electric organ at local malls. He moved to saxophone in school band, but when he discovered guitar he left those inferior wuss instruments behind. He has been playing in bands (of varying quality) ever since.

He took music theory and choir classes in college, and participated in student theater (scoring a lead role in the musical "Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?")

He continues to find a lot of joy, but not a lot of money, playing music. In the real world he pays the bills doing web application development. He even made this page all by himself!

When he is not melting faces with the power of his rocking, he performs, transcribes and composes classical guitar pieces.

Some Classical Guitar

Cancion del Emperador (Luis de Narváez)

Capricio Ảrabe (Francisco Tárrega)

Claire de Lune (Claude DeBussy)

Polly (Nirvana) This is a classic, right?