Deep Friar Tuck

Rockin’ bar tunes battered and fried to perfection, then served on a hoppin’ dance floor.

Steve with #1

Steve Rigelhof

Steve has been playing guitar since the age of twelve, when he received his first guitar as a gift from his cousins in Toronto. They were a big influence on getting Steve into music, who used to jam in their recording studio every time he got the chance when visiting. After taking lessons, the garage bands came and went, allowing him to hone his skills and develop as an artist.

Lessons never really stopped for Steve. He's constantly learning and trying new approaches to playing. Along the way, he's studied with many great instructors over the years from Peterson Music, Masimino Music and Huber and Breese Music Studios.

It would take a bitter divorce and a bit of soul searching for Steve to get back into bands during 2006. He landed gigs with such acts as "4 Left Standing", "The Violators" and "The Honkies" before getting together with Derek, Todd and Chris to continue on with the Deep Friar Tuck name.

Steve tends to listen to mostly guitar-oriented music when not playing with DFT. He's most inspired by players such as Alex Lifeson (Rush), Dave Murray (Iron Maiden) and Chris Duarte (Chris Duarte group).

Over the years, Steve has played through many different amps and guitars. Since 1993, he has relied on his #1...a '92 Gibson Les Paul Standard. He also uses Fender Strats and another Les Paul on occasion. For amps, he currently uses Blackstar and Marshall.

When not performing with the band, you'll find Steve spending time with his daughter, biking and golfing. Of course he has a day-job also, where he designs tooling fixtures for a GM supplier.

Some Clips of Steve playing...

Steve playing with "The Violators"...

Steve playing with "The Honkies"...

Steve playing with "4 Left Standing"...

No Matter What (Badfinger) Recorded at Silver Dragon Productions, Marine City, MI